CIO - Bas Wouwenaar

About Bas

Bas was born and raised in Amsterdam where he still spends most of his time. He is a connoisseur of failure. He loves reading about engineering failures of all forms and, unsurprisingly, he’s particularly interested in IT infrastructure faults. It’s not that he delights in engineering failures. His interest is driven by believing that the more faults we all understand, the more likely we can engineer systems that don’t suffer from these weaknesses. He started his career at Getronics in 1998 and switched to BinckBank in 2000. As BinckBank was a starter, Bas started up its IT-division where he was responsible for the entire IT infrastructure until 2004. In the years after his responsibilities concerned the management of the teams. After leading the technical teams at one of the biggest financial shared service centres in the Netherlands he joined Chris’s mission to develop the best core banking engine in the world, designed for scale and to cope with failures.

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