Co-Founder - Ilco van Bolhuis

About Ilco

After studying Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam, Ilco started at small automation company. After two years it was time for a new challenge, which he found at BinckBank. Ilco has developed both internal systems and customer sites at BinckBank. The last two years Ilco has mainly worked on business process outsourcing (BPO) systems. Ilco joined Chris at day one as Co-founder by Ohpen. Ilco is involved for all developments related to the Ohpen Core Banking Engine. Besides his work Ilco is found again behind a computer to research, learn and develop cool stuff. A new important fase in his live started in 2014 when his first child entered the world. Furthermore, Ilco has to do lots of sports and it doesn’t matter what it is. Kickboxing, cycling, running, (wind)surfing, skating and so on.