CTO - Joost Reijnen

About Joost

“In his previous lives, Joost launched the first mobile banking web and apps for Rabobank way back in 2007, ran several mobile payments pilots with NFC, SE in the Cloud payments standardisation for GlobalPlatform, and even way before that launched mobile web gateways (WAP!), negotiated first data roaming contracts (GRX!), and in ancient history wrote the SMS server API specs for-then CMG. Today he works with the evolving and growing development and engineering teams at Ohpen. He loves to work with all the talented and dedicated specialists at Ohpen. A happy and hard working crew of some 40 engineers, product owners, and QA engineers. We automate everything. Travelling home to spend time with his 3 sons, his girlfriend who is always there for him, and hang out with friends, his cats, at the cinema or concerts, or go off the grid to go hiking and stay at desolated campsites in France.”