Lydia van de Voort

CPO Ohpen UK

About Lydia van de Voort

As the first ever employee of Ohpen back in 2009, Lydia has seen the organisation grow from a small team focusing on developing the best core banking platform in the world to the international organisation that it is today.

As Chief Process Officer (CPO) of Ohpen’s UK business, Lydia is responsible for optimising business processes and ensuring that the London office is innovative and successful, like its Amsterdam counterpart. Having managed various internal departments within Ohpen previously – including Operations, Ohpen Services, Marketing and Development – Lydia is expertly positioned to achieve this goal. Away from Ohpen, Lydia enjoys nothing more than spending her free time outdoors with her husband and young daughter with family and friends. Ideally followed by a long table filled with food and wine and great music playing in the background.