Lydia van de Voort

COO Ohpen UK

About Lydia van de Voort

As the first employee of Ohpen, Lydia van de Voort has seen the organisation develop from a (really) small team focusing on developing ‘the best core banking platform in the world’ to the organisation it is today. To be part of this challenging and inspiring ride has been an experience Lydia had not wanted to miss! Starting at Ohpen in marketing, she quickly became the right-hand woman of founder and CEO Chris Zadeh and focused more and more on processes, planning, alignment, communication and ‘connecting the dots’. Having made a short side step to explore the Himalayas and Asia, Lydia is now back in the role of Chief Operating Officer in the UK, where she is responsible for Front & Mid office, Client services and Office & IT.

Lydia loves to spend her free time outdoors with her husband, family and friends, ending the day at a long table filled with food and wine, preferable with great music playing on the background.