Angelique Schouten

CEO Ohpen UK

About Angelique Schouten

Angelique Schouten has over a decade of experience in retail banking, insurance, asset management, and fintech at companies such as Aon and ING / NN Group. She was responsible for running the first direct-to-consumer robo-investor in the Netherlands. Angelique started her career at Ohpen as Chief Marketing Officer where she successfully led business development, sales and marketing activities. In 2016, she established Ohpen’s operations in the UK and was appointed to CEO of Ohpen UK. Angelique is a member of the Ohpen Board in the UK. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business from Nyenrode University (where she met her husband Eelco) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Marketing Management from Fontys University. Angelique likes to spend her free time visiting sports matches, travelling, practicing yoga and kickboxing and is a true foodie. Her motto is “Let’s celebrate forever”. Twitter: @schoutena