Legacy out. Agility in. It is the only way forward for the financial industry and the driving principle behind Ohpen: a ruthlessly effective, cloud-based core banking engine. Built by former retail bankers to administer retail investment and savings accounts, Ohpen liberates banks from their legacy systems and processes.

Our mission is to develop the best core banking engine in the world.

Free from the constraints of on-premises legacy core banking systems, banks will just plug into a cloud-based administration factory.


Great isn’t good enough. To keep winning, we need to go way beyond the expectations of our clients, our people, our investors, our partners. We didn’t start Ohpen to be just another company. We started Ohpen to be amazing. To shake up people’s ideas of what a commitment to quality means. To take on the establishment with unheard levels of excellence.


Life is too short not to have fun. We do not want to be a company where people are uninspired or bored. Everyone should be able to laugh about themselves, the company and each other. By being yourself, you will make the most out of your own life and those of others. It is not the result that counts, it is the journey that brings you there.


You have three options in life: give in, give up or give it all. Hard work and perseverance never made anybody’s life worse. Many people across the globe would do anything to trade places with us: we owe it to them and ourselves to go for it. We may fail at achieving some goals: that’s part of the process. But we will never give in or give up. Instead, we’ll give it all.

Ohpen Financial PlatformDelivers New Features Rapidly, SavesCustomers Up to 80% in I.T. Costs

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“Our people define our business. They are the very fabric of our service. Each of them are passionate leaders in their field. Experienced bankers. Expert software engineers. Seasoned compliance specialists. We know it is the merger of these diverse competences into one tight-knit team that our customers buy into.”

Chris Zadeh – Founder and Chairman 


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