Chris Zadeh

Chairman of the Board

About Chris

Founder Ohpen & Chairman of the Board

“Life is too short to permit yourself the luxury of living it badly”

His life vision, position as a founder of Ohpen and passion for travelling the world, shark diving, yoga and martial arts made it possible for Chris to live up to this quote. Chris joined the founder of BinckBank in 2000, Kalo Bagijn, as his right hand, where he was chief engineering and responsible for building the bank application in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In addition, after some years, this also included the first Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) applications to insource other financial companies. In 2003 he became managing director of the Dutch division which included strategic responsibilities and all operations of Dutch customers. After 8 years at BinckBank, it was time for a new adventure. Chris founded Ohpen, with a team of highly experienced banking professionals and software engineers, to develop the best core banking engine in the world. Period!