Durk Visser

Operations Manager

About Durk Visser

After having completed his Master in General Management at Nyenrode Business University, Durk Visser contacted Angelique Schouten via Linkedin as they studied at the same university and passed her scrutinous tests. Durk has worked at the BPO Back Office in Amsterdam for 2.5 years. He joined the UK team as an Operations Manager and his (professional) life revolves around process flows, establishing control, life events, eliminating manual controls and STP-ing anything he lays his eyes on which is the mindset he brought along to apply for the UK operations. Tempted by the prospect of constructing the Mid Office operations from scratch, he got to work and will be carefully exposed to daylight again once the final checks & controls are in place. In his free time Durk loves Yoga, attending festivals and making exotic journeys.