Erik Drijkoningen

Product Chief and Co-Founder

About Erik Drijkoningen

Director Product Development

‘Always be curious’

Curiosity has always been one of the main drivers of Erik: the desire to know how things work and why certain things are a success and others not. This led to his first position at BinckBank, where, with the rise of the internet, two things first came together: online and finance. In this environment Erik was able to learn firsthand from experts about the banking business, banking processes, IT and more important, how it all fit together. After a few years of being part of the business, Erik co-founded Binck’s BPO business where he had a focus on operational excellence, both from a process and an IT perspective. After seven years of fun, learning and hard work, Chris asked Erik to join Ohpen as a co-founder. With almost 20 years of professional experience in the online banking business, he is responsible for the core banking platform as a product director. Erik likes to ride his (racing) bike from the office to his home to his wife and two little girls.