Monkey Money Mind

Why we stop thinking when we start spending

In Monkey Money Mind, authors Chris Zadeh and Angelique Schouten explore the psychological influences that spur our irrationality and mute our reason when it comes to financial decision-making. Featuring interviews with notable contributors, Monkey Money Mind focuses on why we stop thinking when we start spending.

The Authors


Chris Zadeh is the founder of the first cloud-based core-banking engine, Ohpen, and previously served as the chief engineer of the first online broker in Europe, BinckBank, where he built the bank’s platform for the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. He would later serve as the managing director of the Netherlands’ branch, overseeing strategy and operations.


Angelique Schouten has over a decade of experience in retail banking, insurance, asset management, and FinTech. She was responsible for running the first robo-investor in the Netherlands, and is the cofounder of two start-ups, Cloudtract and Sportz Guru. Angelique currently serves on the global board of Ohpen as chief commercial officer, and previously worked as the CEO of Ohpen UK.

Zadeh and Schouten reveal how it’s possible to evolve the Monkey Mind and achieve desired financial futures. They understand on a psychological level why irrationality and logic are constantly at war within the mind, and they to help make sense of why exactly people do what they do with their cents. As the difference between humans and Apes is so small and Zadeh and Schouten are both supporters of protecting nature and animals, all proceeds of the book will go to charity, The Gorilla Organization (TGO). TGO takes a new community-led approach to conservation so impoverished communities in the area can earn a sustainable income without having to rely on the natural resources found in the gorilla’s forest home.

The Gorilla Organization needs your support. Your donations helps the preservation of our closest living relatives and the local communities that preserve them.

The Gorilla Organization

The Gorilla Organization is a conservation charity established in 1989 to secure the survival of the world’s last remaining gorillas in Africa. As pioneers of community-led conservation, they partner with communities surrounding the gorillas’ natural habitat. As well as safeguarding gorillas with anti-poaching patrols, The Gorilla Organization provides innovative and award winning sustainable initiatives to support the local people by developing their entrepreneurial and organic farming skills, thereby reducing their dependence of the forest and mitigating climate change. The Gorilla Organization is a UK Registered Charity 1117131 and a member of Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB).

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Monkey Money Mind is the first book, written by Dutch authors published by Forbes

This book explores

  • How we can evolve our Monkey Money Mind so that we can achieve the financial futures we’ve always dreamed of
  • The phenomena of the disparity between logic and irrationality through a psychological lens
  • How to make sense of why we do what we do with our cents

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Excerpts from select Monkey Money Mind contributors

“The object of life is not to be rich when you die, it’s to live well.”

Dr. Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences

“I was twenty-five years old [when] I finally realized how poor my financial state was. I realized there’s much more I want to do with my life, and I needed credit to do it, and I turned everything around.”

Carla MooreSenior executive at HBO and bestselling author

“I found myself unemployed at thirty-nine years old and paying rent out of my savings. What is your life going to be like when you can’t work? Put some cash away, man!”

Osher Günsberg, TV personality and host of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, Australia 

(Image courtesy of Steve Baccon)

“Thanks to an advisor, I invested for years in a worthless swamp. I learned a good lesson: it is better to look at what you are buying first.”

Frederique van der Wal, Victoria’s Secret model and businesswoman

“Love should never be an excuse to break the bank.”

Pat Williams, NBA’s Orlando Magic founder

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