Sicco Brakema

About Sicco

Ever since I saw the “Campari, it’s Fantasy” ad in Elsevier, in the early eighties,  I was fascinated by marketing and advertising. Today we live in a completely different world. Magazine circulations are dwindling,  the wet hair look has gone out of fashion and marketing is becoming more and more an exact science.

While my Ohpen colleagues are busy with software development, compliance, data protection and the other, unbelievably difficult jobs that come with running a cloud-based core banking engine, I get to do the fun stuff: telling the world that we have the best core banking engine.

When I’m not doing that, you can find me outdoors, somewhere between Haarlem and the North Sea running or walking with the family, at a hockey field to cheer for two young ladies and their team mates or at home cooking, listening to music or reading.  I take a great interest in technology and data science. Whenever there is a chance, I’d like to meet and talk to data scientists and learn how their ideas are changing every aspect of our lives.

When abroad or on vacation I seize every opportunity to visit museums, churches and buildings, despite strong protests of the two young ladies.