Steven Kesler

About Steven

Steven started his career at a small travel agency as an all-round designer; solving back- and front-end issues. Soon enough he found out that he was more of a front-end person and  joined online pension bank Brand New Day as a User Experience Designer. Since 2016 he works at Ohpen as a Product Owner UX.

When Steven is not in the office he enjoys his hobbies: food, chasing classic cars, photography, and music.

Music is Steven’s great passion. He used to play the piano and drums, was a member of two different bands for eight years and performed throughout the country. After moving to Maastricht to study Communication & Multimedia Design, he couldn’t be a drummer anymore and became a DJ instead. On stage he delves deep into his record collection to play tech-beats or to turn out an all-round party with techno, tech house, house, deep house, funk and other grooves!

While studying in Maastricht Steven and some of his friends founded the festival Summer Deejays. Summer Deejays was the first dance festival specifically organized for students in Maastricht.